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stuart ward tai chi on the beach

Let us introduce you to nourishing moves

We are very excited that Stuart Ward has joined the Earthmonk tribe and is our new ambassador.


Each month Stuart is going to present a 1-minute video on how you can nourish, stretch and move your body to increase energy, vitality and health. Here are six questions to give you a little insight into our resident Tai Chi guru and just what makes him tick.


What motivates you

Helping my client’s discover how to move well be it through Tai Chi, Pilates or strength training. When my clients learn to move better and have a greater understanding of their bodies they inevitably have a better awareness of the mind. Being able to guide people through this process is a real blessing.


What makes you laugh

I’ve been given quite a dark scene of humor so The League of Gentlemen and Inside Number 9. Pauline, Tubs & Edward are genius character creations.


Whats the best piece of advice you were ever given

Well unfortunately not advice I was given in person but the Persian poet Rumi wrote “let yourself be drawn by the strange pull of what you love, it will never lead you astray”
If you can learn to listen to your heart and have the courage to follow it life will be so much more fulfilling. I’ve tried my best to live by this over the last ten years.


Whats the best book you’ve ever read

The miracle of mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh for its pure, lighthearted simplicity. It’s one of those books where I can only read a few pages before needing to put it down as I get so much from it. I read it for the first time on a holiday. His insight made it one of my best ever holidays and changed my view of the world forever.


How did you discover your passion

My dad was a keen weightlifter so that got me into the sport at a young age. This had me explore lots of other forms of exercise eventually leading me to the academy of martial arts in Southampton. The training studio was on top of a car garage and full of homemade training equipment. The instructor Steve Cox was a straight forward man and believed in hard training. There was a maximum of 6 dedicated students allowed in a class and the room was full of passion for true martial arts which was contagious. It was Steve who introduced me to Tai Chi back in 2004 and has been a huge part of my life ever since.



Whats your perfect day

I like a simple life and to be outdoors as much as possible. I’m lucky to live near the beach so when it’s sunny my perfect day would start by swimming or paddleboarding in the sea with my wife Linda. Food is very important to me so we would have a big breakfast of avocado on sourdough toast. I would then do a Tai Chi training session in a park with my teacher Grandmaster Gou. Afternoon would be walking around the coast with friends and then getting home to cook together. Ideally Asian food and spicy!


Stuart has spent the last 20 years working as fitness coach. He now specialises in Chen Tai Chi as a disciple to 11th generation lineage holder Grandmaster Gou. Stuart also teaches Pilates and strength training. He lives and works Bournemouth as well as online though his video courses.

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