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We give 10% of the money you spend at Earthmonk to The Chaikuni Institute.

The Chaikuni Institute is a non-profit organisation and educational hub working towards creating a sustainable future for the Peruvian Amazon through the integration of ancient indigenous traditions & contemporary permaculture design.

The projects bring together people from across the planet to work alongside the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon for the protection of the Amazon rainforest, her people, traditions and biodiversity.

In this way The Chaikuni Institute aims to develop a network of Permaculturists and permaculture projects focused on self-reliance, resilience, regeneration, ancestral ways of living in harmony with nature. They will be part of a movement strengthening and preserving the vital ecosystems of the Rainforest whilst providing an alternative to the industrial development model that is rapidly destroying the forest and its cultures.

“Thank you for shopping at Earthmonk. The money raised from your purchase supports pioneering permaculture projects which help preserve the Peruvian Amazon.”

Matthew Watherston – Founder of The Chaikuni Institute.

The name of the Institute originates from the time when the conquistadors invaded the Amazon.  To escape persecution and disease the native Shipibo shaman and communities retreated back into the deep forest.  Legend has it that they transitioned into the spirit realms and henceforth committed themselves to the protection of the Rainforest and its spiritual life. It is said that these ‘Chaikuni’ live in invisible communities and have the ability to appear and disappear at will and even now the Shipibo people share stories about sightings of them.

10% of the money you spend at Earthmonk is donated to the Chaikuni Institute*. The donation amount is calculated at checkout and excludes the VAT component and any postage costs.

*Please note that a contribution is not made for any item sold on Sale price.

“thank you for making a difference”

we give 10% of the money you spend at earthmonk to the chaikuni institute.