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The wonder of a mushroom growing kit

It’s not every day we’ll extoll the virtues of mushrooms, but this kit is a delightful reminder of how awesome nature is and takes you back to childhood and the pleasure of growing your own!

Welcome to the world of the yellow oyster growing kit! Don’t scoff – it might not be ‘rocket’ (no leafy green pun intended) science, but bear with us because this doesn’t happen every day.  Well, actually, it does happen every day; in fact it happens 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  But it doesn’t normally happen right under your nose. Although saying that it does.

‘What on earth are you chuntering on about?’ we hear you call.

NATURE – that’s what.

Every single one of us, even city dwellers in the cut and thrust of the metropolis, are surrounded by the miracle of nature. Yet for most of us the demands of a busy day and the spinning antics of time mean we can go weeks, months, maybe even years, without pausing to notice the wonder of the natural world right outside our windows, right beneath our feet.  From the effortless shift of seasons to the perseverance of a tree root conquering the council’s badly tarmacked pavements, nature is an incredible force and a marvel to behold.  As William Henry Davis pointed out all those years ago, ‘We have no time to stop and stare.’

So a round of applause, please, for the yellow oyster mushroom kit as it makes its grand entry to your wannabe green fingers. Packaged in a cardboard box with a peel away section, all you need to do is slice the casing, spray with tap water (dispenser provided) and stand back.

A few days later you will walk past this unassuming box and spot the first, shroomy sprouts shooting through. Then, what seems only minutes later, BOOM, you walk past again and it’s grown some more. They literally grow before your eyes! Hopefully it might spark a different set of synapses in your overworked brain and warm the cockles of your heart.

Nature is MAGIC!

In a world full of complications, the joy from this simple kit is gratifying. It is also a wonderful reminder of how extraordinary nature is and, that while we are often too busy to notice its constant miracles, it keeps going regardless, at the very heart of our busy existence.

While we love the fragrance of roses, today we say, ‘Wakeup and spray your shrooms.’

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