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Restoring Mental and Spiritual health during COVID 19

During these strange and unprecedented times it’s vital that you do everything you can to make your mental and spiritual health as robust as possible.


It’s fair to say that life as we knew it has turned on its head. Everything we took for granted from a night out at the cinema, a coffee with a mate or colleague to hugging those we love (who we don’t live with) can no longer take place and that’s a really bizarre reality to get your head round. The future we presumed we could predict has changed course leaving most of us feeling adrift and somewhat disorientated. Today we would like to share seven ways you can restore mental and spiritual health during COVID 19.

What can make or break you, your well being and your quality of life during such unprecedented times are how you move through it and that is determined by the outlook you adopt.


So we thought it would be really useful to share with you seven ways to restore your mental and spiritual health during COVID 19, to super charge (or start) your spiritual practice. We hope you resonate with some or all of them:


1. Experience one beautiful thing every day.

Whether it’s baking a cake, watching a classic movie, reading a chapter of a great book, listening to a song you adore, gardening or playing a board game with the kids find one thing that will offer a beautiful moment and do it fully present, with all your heart. A single, beautiful moment makes the whole day worthwhile.


2. Start the day writing out how you feel

Even if it ends up a really dark and negative read write out how you feel! Writing is cathartic, it’s a creative expression and it allows us to share our most intimate and private thoughts freely and unrestricted. Instead of storing stuff in your mind store it on paper and let it go.


3. Get the blood pumping.

Fresh air and exercise keeps the spirit high, releases endorphins and boosts your immunity and well being in mind, body and spirit. No matter how you’re feeling get dressed and go outside every single day – even in the rain (as a comedian once said, “there is no bad weather only inappropriate clothing.”) Walk around using all your senses. What can you feel, hear and see? Be fully present and immerse yourself in the moment. Challenge yourself to notice the detail of the world around you.


4. Make time for self care.

Self care is one of those we tend to putt off or not have the time to ‘indulge in.’ Even if you have never been busier it’s vital that make the time for self care so that you can keep going. Nutritious, whole foods, good sleep and something that lifts your spirits and puts a smile on your face even day is essential. From phoning a loved one to a big hot bubble bath – anything that you enjoy counts! If you’re at home and find yourself roaming through the day start a routine for self care.

Things to consider include a stretch or yoga practice, a meditation or breathing exercise, listening to an uplifting podcast or YouTube video. Journaling and gratitude diaries. An inspirational novel or self help book. Dancing, painting, spring cleaning – whatever works for you do it. Even the simplest of routines can bring structure to your day during these uncertain times.


5. Learn something new.

This is a great time to train in something that has always interested you. Udemy are offering a range of online courses – Fiona has signed up to an online course for EFT and TFT (tapping away anxiety). And the price was £13. There are lots of free classes being offered by the worlds leading spiritual teachers. Check out Insight LA and Spirit Rock. Have a look on Facebook, websites or YouTube to see what’s on offer from teachers such as Byron Katie, Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, Mooji, Deepak Chopra and Dr Joe Dispenza (there are so many more….). Maybe even just download an app and start learning how to meditate or improve your practice and take it to the next level.


6. Honour how you feel.

Everything that you feel is sharing important information with you. Crying releases stress hormones. Frustration teaches us about our triggers. Sadness and anger show us what we need to work on within ourselves. Even grief, loss and sadness are our teachers. Worry reveals our deepest fears. You do not need to be positive you need to be authentic. Use this time and space to notice how you are feeling and the messages that your mind, body and spirit wish you to hear. What damages us most of all is the picture in our heads of how we think it is supposed to be. Let that go and practice being in flow with each and every moment. Try not to fight what arises instead hold yourself in loving awareness. When you learn to flow with your being you begin a poetic dance of inner connectivity and spiritual awareness.


7. Super charge your spiritual practice and raise your energetic vibration by practising self care for the soul

  • Chose one or a combination of the following:
  • Practice gratitude (start a gratitude journal).
  • Practice kindness love and joy.
  • Forgive yourself and those that hurt you.
  • Accept yourself flawed and fabulous.
  • Smile, laugh and love – let your spirit shine.
  • Sing, dance, exercise, walk and move your body.
  • Ground your body to the earth.
  • Be conscious of the foods you eat. Does it nourish your body?
  • Get creative.
  • Breathe and stretch – do a yoga flow.
  • Meditate.
  • Practise mindfulness.
  • Listen to peaceful, uplifting music (432 Hz music is said to resonate within the body, it releases emotional blockages and aligns you with the heartbeat of the universe – Classical music ticks this box).
  • Enjoy nature and the natural world (even pictures and videos work!)
  • Be still and sit in loving awareness.
  • De-tech (put down the electronic devices and have time out)
  • De-clutter your room, wardrobe, living spaces.
  • Cleanse your energy field with an Epsom salt bath or a stick of smoking sage (smudging).
  • Cleanse the energy of your house with smudging.
  • Drink water.
  • Get the blood pumping and exercise.
  • Talk to those around you who lift your spirits and make you sparkle.

So there you go our top suggestions to ensure that you cruise through these chaotic times in a stronger and more empowered mindset. Remember there are no rights and wrongs just what works for you. As Fiona’s spiritual teacher used to say, “take the bits that work for you and let the rest go guilt free.”

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Until next time stay safe and as positive as possible.

And remember any questions on mental and spiritual health during COVID 19 you can always drop us an email at [email protected]  We always love to know how you get on.


Fiona and Gavin

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