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The Story of Earthmonk

Gavin and Fiona are the husband and wife team behind Earthmonk. They love nothing more than messing around on the beach, stomping through woods and drinking great coffee.

In the juggle of life, home and families what’s also important to them is living life consciously; in other words maximising their quality of life and living it as happily and effortlessly as possible.

It is a path they have walked individually and together for many years. And it’s the experience and discoveries that they have gleaned along the way that led to the creation of Earthmonk, a company whose mission is to make clothes with soul.

By blending together unique and distinctive graphics with ancient, timeless teachings Earthmonk clothes are designed to look fantastic and, for those willing to look a little deeper, to inspire, motivate and awaken.

Integrity, honesty and respect are at the heart of everything they do personally so it’s essential to them that every aspect of Earthmonk and the products they make is built upon the same values.

From the premium quality organic cotton fabric, right through to the mailbags used to post out the orders, every aspect of the business is carefully considered.

It’s also important that Earthmonk gives something back. That’s why 10% of the money you spend with Earthmonk goes to the Chaikuni Institute, a non-profit, grass roots organisation which works to preserve the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, its biodiversity, indigenous people and their culture.


‘We hope that Earthmonk will inspire you to free your Self; to find peace, purpose and happiness in your life’

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