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Bumblebee necklace


“Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but it doesn’t know this so it carries on regardless.”


The bumblebee is a wonderful totem to wear because of it’s powerful symbolism. Bumblebees invite you to dream big, embrace prosperity and “bee a productive creator” in pursuing your dreams. They call upon us to trust in miracles knowing that we have the power to attract what we desire and can achieve the impossible. Bee inspired to fly high and far, seeking out new destinations and possibilities.


As well as being “as busy as a bee,” this totem is also about communication, industriousness and personal power. Representing the interconnectedness of life those drawn to the bumblebee wish for all livings things to co-exist in peace and love. As cross pollinators they remind us to slow down, to relish moments of connection and enjoy the sweet indulgence of life’s nectar.


If you wish the bumblebee to fly some inspiration into your life then be reassured that this pendant and fine trace chain necklace are both made from sterling silver. The necklace, including the bumblebee charm hangs is 23.7 cm in length. It is the perfect gift of positivity and creativity for your loved one, friend or as a special treat for yourself. The necklace will arrive in a recycled Kraft box tied with a powder blue satin ribbon.



10% (excluding VAT) from every purchase you make goes directly towards helping sustain the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, her people, traditions and biodiversity.

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Bumblebee necklace

Quick facts:

  • 925 sterling silver – the best quality you can get!
  • Sterling silver necklace 22.5cm long, 24 including the bumblebee
  • Sterling silver bumblebee measures 10mm x 11mm
  • The jewellery is sent in a natural Kraft gift box which have been made from 99% recycled material and contain a white eco-fibre lining.  The company we source our packaging from have ethical and recycling awards – the most recent of which was being a finalist in the 2018 MRW National Recycling Awards.

We recommend using an anti-tarnish cloth occasionally to keep your silver jewellery sparkling.


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