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Dandelion Seed and Wish Pendant


“We love you Earthmonk.” Trudy Goodman-Kornfield


Magic wishes and dandelion dreams.  A delightful combination of a real dandelion seed and ‘wish’ charm on an 18 inch sterling silver necklace.


A stunning and unique gift that will arrive in a handmade, recycled Kraft folded petal box complete with biodegradable Earthmonk sticker.


For more spiritual or product information go to description below.


10% from your purchase goes directly towards helping sustain the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, its people, traditions and biodiversity.

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The dandelion & wish charm pendant

Gorgeous, magical dandelions – they captivate us all. Maybe it’s the fact they remind us of our childhood? Perhaps it’s the wonder of blowing the seeds and watching them float away on the breeze?

This beautiful dandelion seed has been suspended in round, glass measuring 25mm ( 0.9 inches). It comes with a light box chain, sterling silver necklace that is 18 inches long.  The ‘wish’ charm is silver plated.

A unique and stunning gift that is rich with meaning and symbolism.  Each piece in our Blessed Collection arrives in a petal shaped box handmade from recycled Kraft card.

Quick facts:

  • 925 sterling silver necklace
  • The jewellery arrives in a handmade, folded petal box made out of 300gsm recycled Kraft card.


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