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Hand Knitted Toffee Bobble Beanie


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This stunning toffee and cream pom pom beanie, made from extra thick yarn, looks great on everyone.  The delightful colour combination compliments all skin tones and the extra large bobble is made from the yarn adds a quirky twist.


With every hat hand knitted you can be sure that you are wearing quality when you pull on an Earthmonk organic beanie. Using the best ‘ethically farmed’ New Zealand wool.


This great looking beanie is wonderfully warm with a fully lined soft polyester fleece. Exceptionally comfy to wear it will ensure that you are able to get out and about whatever the weather.


10% (excluding VAT) from every purchase you make goes directly towards helping sustain the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, its people, traditions and biodiversity.

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Hand Knitted Toffee Bobble Beanie

Enjoy our hand knitted toffee bobble beanie made from recycled wool, wonderfully warm made from extra thick yarn with a fully lined soft polyester fleece. All of Earthmonk’s beanies are ethically farmed.

The Nepalese knitters enjoy the benefit of being able to earn their living from the comfort of their own home within an honest and ethical business in which all the staff receive good wages and work fair hours. The New Zealand wool is farmed with voluntary agreements to avoid the controversial practice of ‘Mulesing,’ and only ‘ethical wool’ is ever used. In order to counteract the emissions created in transporting the products to England, an annual contribution is made to Carbon Footprint Ltd.


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