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Cat on a moon pendant


“Beautiful jewellery – the perfect gifts.” S.H.


This adorable pendant features a cat seated on a crescent moon. Two powerful symbols associated with magic, transformation and empowerment.


This sterling silver, high polished pendant is the perfect gift for cat and moon lovers as well as the dream weavers, magic makers and witches of the world.


This dainty pendant is 3cm long including bale and comes with a 16 inch box chain, sterling silver, necklace and will arrive mounted on a Kraft card in a teal cotton draw string bag.


For more spiritual or product information go to description below.


10% from your purchase goes directly towards helping sustain the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, its people, traditions and biodiversity.

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The cat on the moon pendant

An adorable, high polish pendant featuring a cat seated on a crescent moon. A magical combination of the grace, intelligence and independence of the cat with the divine feminine associated with the moon. Together it’s a perfect present for cat and moon lovers as well as the dream weavers, magic makers and witches of the world.


Here is some cat and moon symbolism that you might like to read…


Cat’s symbolise grace, cunning, curiosity and intelligence.  Nimble and agile, able to move with silent stealth the fierce independent and adventurous spirit of cats is recognised by all. As a totem the keynote for cats is mystery, magic and independence, their cycle of power is nighttime. As an animal totem they invite you to let your magic shine. Little wonder then that this creature of the night has been revered in many ancient civilisations from around the world and they are interwoven with legends, myths and lore.


The moon is also a powerful and revered ancient symbol associated with mystery, feminine energy, as well as the cyclical change, rhythm and flow of life. As the moon waxes and wanes so do our tides, time and life. The phases of the moon symbolise immortality and eternity, enlightenment as well as the darker side of the natural world.  In astrological terms the moon is regarded as the symbol of the soul, and in horoscopes it determines the subject’s emotion and moods. A full moon is thought to boost creativity, energy levels and positivity although many would also report sleepless nights, confusion and anxiety.


Such a lot of deep and symbolic meaning within a dainty pendant! We hope that when you or your loved one wears it you are reminded to harness and wield your own magical powers and forces.  Not to mention attract the luck of the black cat and its nine lives!

This  pendant is 2.8 cm long (3cm with bale) and will come with a 16 inch sterling, box chain necklace and will arrive in a teal draw string bag mounted on a recycled Kraft card.


Quick facts:

  • High polish finish
  • The pendant is 3cm long including bale (2.8 cm excluding bale)
  • High polish finish 925 sterling silver
  • Sterling silver necklace is 16 inch long
  • The jewellery arrives in a teal draw string bag mounted on a recycled Kraft card.

We recommend using an anti-tarnish cloth occasionally to keep your silver jewellery sparkling.


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