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Medicina del Amazonas – Amazon Plant Medicine Unisex T-shirt


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In the rich biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest shamanic traditions honor the myriad of vines, plants and flowers that grow there. The indigenous population and their master healers believe that the plants speak to those with the gifts of expanded senses and perception. The plants are considered sacred and are revered for the wisdom and healing properties.


We celebrate this incredible heritage through the form of a beautiful woman, the symbol of ‘mother,’ who has been adorned with master and medicinal plants of the Amazon.


Tattooed upon her shoulder are the root and leaves of the Mother of all medicine, on her neck are the flowers and leaves of the Mapacho plant.  On her right shoulder is the pretty Chiric Sanango flower.  And in her hair are the magnificent Achiote flowers of the Bixa Orellana plant.


‘Medicina’ is a unisex t-shirt.  She embraces the wonder of nature, the beauty of the feminine and honors the power of plants to both heal and expand our consciousness. She has been hand screen printed in two layers. The first screen sets down the dark navy of her profile as well as the roots, leaves and flowers. The second screen creates the hair using two inks (blue and green) that merge to form a third colour as they pulled across the screen by the screen printer (there is more detail about this process in the additional information section below left). What it means is that every Medicina T-shirt is a one off.


This white, short sleeve t-shirt is made from organic cotton that is 180 gsm in weight, meaning it’s premium quality and cut so well the material will not spiral when washed. All our t-shirts have Oeko-Tex certification meaning you can also be sure that neither the fabric of the T-shirt nor the printing ink contain any nasty chemicals. All Earthmonk clothes are made without animal derivatives and are Vegan friendly and has been accredited by the Fare Wear Foundation.


Haux Haux as they say in regions of the Brazilian Amazon!


10% (excluding VAT) from every purchase you make goes directly towards helping helping the indigenous tribes of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, its people, traditions and biodiversity.

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Medicina del Amazonas

Each Medicina del Amazons t-shirt is a one off. As explained in the product description the hair was created as the screen printer pulled the green and blue ink across the T-shirt by the squeegee. Where those inks merged together created the green-blue section of her hair. This can only be done 15 times before the inks become too mixed in at which point the screens need to be cleaned and the process started again. Each design therefore varies slightly and is totally unique!

This 100% organic, ring-spun combed cotton is a unisex t-shirt cut with fabric 180 gsm in weight, meaning it’s premium quality. With the Oeko-Tex certification you can also be sure that neither the fabric of the T-shirt contains any nasty chemicals. All Earthmonk clothes are made without animal derivatives and are Vegan friendly with PETA accreditation.

Quick facts:

  • 100% Organic Cotton (GOTS – Certified Organic Cotton)
  • Hand screen printed using 4 colour ink combination
  • Oeko-Tex certified (free of toxic chemicals)
  • Vegan friendly & cruelty free
  • Fair Wear Foundation accredited

Organic cotton requires a little more care than regular pesticide filled cotton and therefore needs to be washed on a cool cycle inside out. Organic cotton should never see the inside of your tumble dryer, air drying is best!  Never iron directly onto the hand screen printed graphics – iron the garment inside out or use a clean cloth as a barrier.


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