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Maybe this year’s resolutions are about recognising you are already enough!

What if this year it’s less about improving who you believe yourself to be and more about acknowledging what you have achieved and all that you already are?

New Year – new you! That’s what resolutions are all about. What do you want to focus on, improve and change?  What do you need to leave behind and let go of?  Do you want to be fitter, healthier or maybe more efficient in your working life?  But all of these possible resolutions overlook what you have achieved in 2021.  Another year of Covid chaos, another year where ‘normal’ was anything but and where many of us faced huge personal challenges and even the loss of loved ones.


What if this New Year’s Eve it’s not about what you need to do better or change but instead acknowledging that you made it through another unprecedented, Covid dominated, year in human history!  Okay sure, we are all a work in progress and of course it is the nature of life and spiritual unfoldment to grow, evolve, shape shift and continue to on the journey of becoming the best versions of ourself that is possible but let’s not overlook how much you gave this last year.


How much effort, rebuilding, commitment, energy, focus and intention did you give throughout 2021? You took life’s blows and managed to find a way through.  You survived the greyest of days and you kept on trying.


What if this New Year instead of looking at new resolutions it would be more valuable to wrap your arms around yourself and to say, “well done.”  In a world where we are constantly bombarded with marketing showing us what we aren’t maybe this New Year needs to be embracing all that we already are.


So in the last few hours of 2021 maybe its time to recap own all that you achieved this year, all that you survived, managed, juggled and endured.  All that you overcame and rebuilt. Let’s celebrate ourselves in a deep acknowledging way (no ego required) just a gentle and loving recognition of all the striving and trying.  Let’s cheer our inner warriors, those aspects of ourself that have kept on day after day doing our very best.


Maybe this year it’s not about resolving to be more grateful, more spiritual or more anything.  Maybe this year it’s about respecting and honouring all that you are.  To recognise that you are enough, more than enough already.


So as we step into 2022 may you take the time to acknowledge all that you are and all that you do.  May you take the time to nurture yourself.  To rest and pause.  To listen to your body.  To sit in stillness and hear the whispers of your soul. To lean into your sensitivities and vulnerabilities. To love freely (yourself included). To step out into nature and breathe in her healing energies, to hug more trees and feel the wind on your cheeks.  And to discover what it’s like to truly know that you are enough.


May we wish you all a safe and fulfilling 2022.


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Fiona and Gavin

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