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Six Spiritual Steps To Mend A Broken Heart – Fiona’s Book


“Very spiritual and uplifting…it’s a great tool for holistic healing of all kinds of hurt and upset.” D.Rogan 


The end of a relationship can be devastating but you can be proactive in your healing and this book will show you how.  This easy to follow six step plan is filled with timeless spiritual wisdom and a blend of practical, spiritual and creative ideas, exercises and activities.


Described as a, “best friend to turn to,” this book will help you to heal your heartache and emerge from your loss wiser, stronger and more empowered in mind, body and spirit.


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Six Spiritual Steps To Mend A Broken Heart Book

Six Spiritual Steps to Mend a Broken Heart is an inspirational companion for anyone suffering with the pain of heartbreak.  Through an easy to follow six-step plan, timeless spiritual truths and a diverse range of tools, tips and techniques the reader is supported through their grief and accompanied along the path of recovery.  Enlightened and empowered the reader will be able to create their own magic formula for healing, mend their broken heart and use their loss as a springboard for wisdom, insight and enlightenment.


Along the journey you will learn how you can:


1. Soothe your aching heart and ease the pain of heartbreak.

2. Take a proactive role in your recovery, enhance the healing process and mend your broken heart.

3. Create your own magic formula for healing and well-being.

4. Discover your true spirituals self and the unique power of your spirit.

5. Transform your heartbreak into insight, wisdom and enlightenment.

6. Emerge from your loss stronger, wise and richer for the experience knowing how to attract abundance, happiness and love into your life.


Written by Fiona, one of the co-founders of Earthmonk, this book was created from her own journey of loss and heartbreak. It shares much of her own personal insight and spiritual knowledge presented in an easy to read format which some have said feels like she is chatting with you. She included a diverse selection of tips and ideas created especially for mind, body and spirit. Fiona has received emails from all over the world from the people who have benefited from her wisdom and the gifts within this book.

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