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Amber Sunburst Earrings


“Gorgeous jewellery” Milly.S.


Gorgeous polished amber and sterling silver sunburst earrings. These striking earrings not only look fabulous with the luminous tones of this ancient stone but blend its healing powers with the spiritual symbolism of the sun.


These dainty earrings are 3 ¼ cm long (including hooks) and are just under 1½ wide. They are the perfect gift for loved ones or a treat for yourself. They will arrive in a recycled kraft gift box tied with a pale blue ribbon.


For more spiritual or product information go to description below.


10% from your purchase goes directly towards helping sustain the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, its people, traditions and biodiversity.

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Amber Sunburst Earrings


These striking earrings have a stunning, round polished, amber cabochon set within a sterling silver sunburst design, not only do they look beautiful but they are loaded with symbolism. Read on to find out more about the healing properties of amber as well as the spiritual associations of the sun.


Often called a gemstone, Amber is in fact fossilised tree resin, each piece being millions of years old. The classical Latin and Greek names for amber are connected to a term, ēlektōr meaning, “beaming Sun.” According to an ancient Greek myth, when Phaëton, the son of Helios (the Sun), was killed his mourning sisters became poplar trees and their tears became amber.


Amber is a powerful stone imbibed with ancient energy. It is associated with cleansing, transformation and renewal, it shifts negative energy, fatigue, lethargy, heavy moods and low vibes into clear and positive frequencies. Amber calls your inner light to glow and is believed to recharge and renew in the same way as the sun brightens everyones spirit. The luminous, golden-orange tones of Amber are associated with the sacral chakra and it can be used to cleanse, nourish and clear this energy centre as well as fuel the fire and warmth within. It is a healing talisman of energy and a fabulous good luck charm.


The amber stones in these earrings are set within a sunburst design but did you know that the sun has been revered across many ancient civilisations as the source of life, a significant spiritual symbol? We now know that the Earth revolves around the sun and without the sun’s heat and light, life on Earth would not be possible so of course as a spiritual symbol the sun is associated with life, vitality and power. The circle is also the universal symbol representing wholeness, unity and oneness, life without beginning or end. So it makes sense then that the sun represents spiritual knowledge and a sense of oneness with the spiritual realms. You can call upon the energy of the sun to invoke greater connection to the Source (whatever you conceive that to be).


When you wear these dainty earrings we hope that you can connect with some or all of the spiritual and healing associations of amber and the sun. These earrings make the perfect gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself.


Quick facts:

  • 6mm round, polished amber cabochon set within a 925 sterling silver sun rays
  • They earrings are 3 ¼ cm long including hooks
  • Lever spring fitting (leverback) earrings for secure fitting
  • The jewellery arrives in the U.K. in a recyclable Kraft jewellery box. For all overseas packages the earrings will be attached to a kraft card within a beautiful, teal cotton drawstring bag.

We recommend using an anti-tarnish cloth occasionally to keep your silver jewellery sparkling.


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