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Blue Opal Angel Wing Pendant


“We love you Earthmonk.” Trudy Goodman-Kornfield


We’re sure you’ll love the timeless elegance and rich angelic symbolism of this gorgeous, blue opal angel wing pendant. Associated with protection, love and harmony angels are the bridge between heaven and earth and bring us hope, courage and inspiration.


Wear this angel wing pendant and be reminded to connect with your guardian angel or loved one in spirit, be inspired to stretch your wings to soar to new heights of possibility. It’s the perfect gift with soul.


The angel wing is 4.5 cm long including bale and comes with a 16 inch sterling silver, box chain necklace. It will arrive in a recycled Kraft, jewellery box tied with a pale blue satin ribbon.


For more spiritual or product information go to description below.


10% from your purchase goes directly towards helping sustain the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, its people, traditions and biodiversity.

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The spiritual message behind the angel wing pendant

This stunning pendant has a blue opal marquise (14 x 7mm) set within a sterling silver outline of an angel wing. It is 4¼cm including bale and comes with an 16 inch sterling silver, box chain and arrives recycled Kraft, jewellery box. Angels are synonymous with love, guidance and protection from the heavenly realms.


Angel wing jewellery is a deeply personal gift that holds different symbolism and associations for each of us. Many of us believe angel wings are synonymous with the power of heaven and the inspiration and protection of the angelic realm. Wearing an angel wing can remind us to call on our angel guardians to guide and steer us through life and to draw close to us with their protection, love and inspiration so that we can have the courage and insight to soar to new heights in mind, body and spirit.


Angel wings can be a poignant reminder of a loved one who has passed over, to remind ourselves not only that their spirit lives on but of the love that we still carry for them in our hearts. This beautifully crafted angel wing can therefore be worn to bring comfort in times of grief or as a token of remembrance, to honour the memory of those we still cherish and will never forget.


And lastly to some the angel wing might be the perfect gift for a friend, whether it is to let them know you care or to thank them for their love, it is an touching token of gratitude and friendship especially to those who have had ‘your back’ through challenging times.


Each piece in our, Blessed Collection has been chosen to inspire and illuminate you. The hand picked crystals are paired with sterling silver and are made to our usual high ethical standards. Your treat or gift will arrive in a Kraft jewellery box tied with a pale blue satin ribbon.

Quick facts:

  • Blue Opal Marquise cabochon
  • 925 sterling silver – the best quality you can get!
  • Sterling silver necklace is 16 inch long
  • The jewellery arrives recycled Kraft jewellery box.

We recommend using an anti-tarnish cloth occasionally to keep your silver jewellery sparkling.


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