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Feather earrings


“This was the perfect gift for my daughter. She always finds white feathers and believes they are a sign from heaven. It also looks fabulous on her.” F.N.


“Feathers appear when angels are near.” These super cute, feather earrings are made from sterling silver and are the perfect gift or treat reminding us that the angelic realm is just a thought away.  A beautiful totem to wear to give you hope, encouragement and strength.


These dainty earrings are just over 2cm long (including bale) and will arrive on a recycled kraft jewellery card in a cotton drawstring bag.


For more spiritual or product information go to description below.


10% from your purchase goes directly towards helping sustain the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, its people, traditions and biodiversity.

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The spiritual message behind the feather pendant


“Feathers appear when angels are near.”  Packed with such rich symbolism and associations our beautiful double-sided, textured feather earrings are 3cm long and can be worn with the matching necklace. They are the perfect gift for a loved or as a special treat for yourself.  Here is some more information on their symbolism and meaning:


A white feather, mysteriously appearing before you is regarded by many as a sign from heaven that angels, or a loved one (who has passed over) are watching over you. Feathers are associated with celestial messages, they call you to pay attention, stay strong, keep your faith and know that heaven is supporting, protecting and guiding you. For this reason a white feather is the symbol of hope and encouragement. What an incredible totem then to wear as a reminder that the angelic realm, your loved ones and heaven are just a thought way.


Wearing feathers is still an integral part of many spiritual traditions, ceremonies and rituals where it is believed that birds and feathers carry stories, mystical meanings and even magic. Some native cultures believe that wearing feathers is a sacred connection to the Creator. This has led them to be associated with giving thanks and appreciation, reminding us to count our blessings and being grateful for the good things that we have in our life. Obviously feathers are also associated with flight and freedom as well as travel and speed however going deeper as a spiritual metaphor feathers represent transcendence, communication and connection with heaven. They are the symbol of levity, reminding us to ‘lift up’ and not to take life so seriously.


Packed with such rich symbolism and associations our dainty (single-sided) feather earrings are 3½ cm long (including hooks) and can be worn with the matching necklace. It is the perfect gift for your loved one, friend or as a special treat for yourself. Each piece in our Blessed Collection arrives on a in recycled kraft, jewellery card in a drawstring bag.


Quick facts:

  • 925 sterling silver, textured earrings  just over 2cm including bale
  • The earrings arrive on a recycled kraft, jewellery card in a recyclable 100% cotton drawstring bag

We recommend using an anti-tarnish cloth occasionally to keep your silver jewellery sparkling.


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