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Inspiration for your soul and your spiritual life

Spring inspiration for your soul

Be inspired by Spring to refresh your spirit and bring the wonder of growth and new beginnings into your life.

Don’t you just love Spring? Lighter mornings, long days, the sun shining (well hopefully) and the magic of seeing the world around us burst into life after the dormant, dark Winter months!

Spring is the season associated with growth and rebirth, everything about it lifts our spirits with renewed hope and optimism. So we thought we would share with you 6 ideas for some Spring’s inspiration. So that you can refresh and renew your spirit and put the spring back in your step.


1. Your spiritual renewal

Like the cycles that we see in the seasons we too go through the same universal patterns of growth, maturing, dormancy and renewal. Spring, therefore, is a fantastic time to reinvigorate and refresh your spiritual practice! Could you spend five minutes each morning embracing the Spring energies by meditating in the garden? Could you start the day with some simple stretches or a simple yoga routine to gently awaken your body and connect the mind, body and spirit. Is it time to begin a gratitude journal and to work on establishing a new growth mindset. What about a new inspiring spiritual read or podcast? Use Spring as a reminder to step into your own regrowth and renewal and do what makes your soul shine.


2. Refresh your energy

Try this visualisation to refresh and cleanse your energies. Imagine that you are standing beneath a waterfall with the water cascading onto your head, feel it running over your skin, bouncing off your body. Notice how good this feels. Imagine the water washing your body and then imagine that it is running through you, not only in body but also mind and spirit. Imagine it is washing away all the negativity, all the darkness, all the stuff you are holding that no longer serves you. You can repeat this as often as you like and even do it in the shower when you really are under beneath a jet of water.


3. Connect with the energy of Spring

Get outside and plug yourself into the energy of nature. Whether it’s a park, the beach or a patch of grass it’s healing and regenerating to connect with mother earth. Put down your phone and use all your senses to practice being mindful. What can you hear, see and feel? Look around and notice the details, listen to the birds and the wind. Feel your feet connected to the ground or the touch of fresh green grass. Spending even just five mindful minutes with nature will enable you to step out of the chaos of your mind, shift your perspective and connect with the universe and your soul.


4. Refresh your aura and subtle energies

Spend as much time as you can in the sunshine. Sunlight is known to nurture, feed and expand the aura whilst nourishing the senses. Leaving you feeling happier and both more energetic and optimistic. Try smudgingThis shamanic practice, where smouldering herb such as sage creates a smoke is a great way to cleanse your aura and subtle energies. Bath in eucalyptus or lavender essential oils or sea salt. Soak for at least ten minutes and as you do, imagine that your mind, body and spirit is letting go of everything that no longer serves you and that when you pull the plug this can all be released with gratitude down the plughole!


5. Renew the energies in your home

Of course a good spring clean is a cathartic way of renewing the energies in your house, but so is clearing the clutter. We live with so much stuff; we fill our homes with so much stuff! Striping away and simplifying your space, recycling what you don’t want is a great way to refresh your home’s energy which in turn makes you feel refreshed. Check out the wonderful Marie Kondo – a Japanese organising consultant, who champions the art of tidying! Small touches like fresh garden flowers and potted bulbs bring nature inside your home. You can also burn sage in a cleansing ritual for your home to energetically clear the space. Every day as you open your windows pause and mindfully set the intention that the Spring breeze will flow through your home bringing it with it the new day’s energy and inspiration.


6. Renew your January intentions

January might already feel like a lifetime ago. However, Spring is a great time to reconnect with the resolutions that you started the year with. Think back over what intentions, hopes and dreams you connected with. What did you want the New Year to bring forth and what did you want the leave behind? Spring and especially the long Bank Holiday weekend is a great time to pause and reconsider where you are right now. Without guilt or recriminations reflect on your intentions. Renew, refresh and update them.

Write down your aims, hope, goals and dreams. Stick them on the fridge or bathroom mirror to inspire every day. Why not try creating a vision board with images, photos, artwork, words and text that capture what your hopes, dreams and intentions look like. When you create a vision board and place it in a space where you see it often, you essentially end up doing short visualisation exercises throughout the day. And remember that when you visualise you are emitting a powerful frequency not only within your own being but out into the Universe as well.

So there you have it. 6 of our favourite ways to recharge your soul with the energy and inspiration of Spring. Life can be challenging. Let this season of growth and abundance prompt you to focus on some TLC and nurture your own cycle of regrowth and new beginnings.


Any questions do drop us an email at [email protected] and remember we always love to know how you get on.

Fiona and Gavin



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