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The story behind the Earthmonk name

The story of the Earthmonk name

Choosing the name ‘Earthmonk’ was surprisingly easy


We were strolling along the beach on a warm summer’s day chatting and the name just arose between us.  It was one of those rare, wonderful moments when inspiration really does seem ‘other worldly.’

It would be four years later when it would be taken down from the dusty shelf of domain oblivion and given a purpose.  It was the perfect name for a spiritual clothing company!  Or at least that’s what we thought.   It was only when a colleague, who was working with us very closely questioned its commercial viability that we hesitated.  Was it too spiritual?  What about women if monks are men – would they be earth nuns (which would be all a bit too Sound of Music)? Would we seem too wacky and weird?

So we did that thing that you do when someone casts doubt on an idea you’ve head – we drank coffee, ate chocolate and questioned ourselves.   After some soul searching and (dare we admit it) still holding a generous handful of uncertainty, we decided to be brave and stick with Earthmonk which is more than just a name.

You see, at least to us, there is symbolism within the Earthmonk name.  The ‘earth’ represents the world on which we live, the ground on which we walk, mother nature and that part of us which is of the earth .   The ‘monk’ symbolises, admittedly in a very generalised metaphor, our commitment to walking a spiritual path, or perhaps less grandiosely becoming more ‘aware’ within this lifetime.

One of the greatest challenges of wanting to embrace a more awakened existence, an existence more in harmony with nature, is trying to maintain and practice all you know when often everything around you deflects and distracts you from it. It’s easy to be calmer and more connected sitting contemplatively on a hillside, but possibly harder when pulled into the hectic and stressful consumer driven lifestyles that many of our societies seem to aspire to.

So it is with a wry smile that we describe ourselves as Earthmonk’s – a man and women navigating our way through everyday life while trying to remain grounded, present and aware. We are still working on it, everyday; some days more successfully then others.

For us, it certainly is all in the name.
Fiona and Gavin

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