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spiritual development and the lotus flower

Spiritual development and the lotus flower

Who’d of thought that a flower would be worth writing a blog about? But the lotus is a wonderful metaphor on life for representing spiritual development and a rather inspirational source of wisdom


The beauty of the lotus flower is so beguiling, it’s easy to overlook the fact it begins life buried in the dark, sludgy depths of the pond. The flower that sits so elegantly above the water didn’t get there effortlessly. It worked hard and long to get there, this is why we can think about the lotus flower to represent your spiritual development. Little wonder it is the symbol of rebirth and transformation.

Did you know one flower can evolve for hundreds of years, growing bit by bit before it breaks the surface? It is just the same for us. All of us are trying to navigate our own journeys through the muddy waters of life. Not to mention, every one of us has a whole backstory others know nothing about. If we all embraced this simple truth, then there would be a lot less judgement and criticism in the world.

The lotus is a wonderful reminder that nature rushes nothing. Only we expect instant gratification and put these unrealistic expectations on ourselves. This is never truer than when we are learning, evolving and transforming. With your spiritual journey through life, be kind to yourself and remember everything comes to fruition in its own good time.


Remaining anchored and grounded

Even when the lotus can be seen in all its glory, its roots are still firmly anchored in the muddy depths below.  Without the roots, the flower could not exist. It is a wonderful contrast; roots anchored in the dark, thick, mud with a perfect flower resplendent in the sunlight. I find it truly marvellous that in our airbrushed world of perfection that the most flawless flower comes from such an unattractive source?

Many spiritual texts talk about the need for being grounded. Here is where you could use the lotus as a perfect metaphor. Remain rooted and anchored in the dark soil below, whilst reaching upwards with your face turned towards the sun.


Connection with you past

Another way of drawing inspiration from the lotus is your relationship with your past. It’s easy to look back on your life and feel embarrassed, ashamed, and even guilty for various situations and events. There might even be moments when you can see that you behaved in an ugly, and unpleasant way. Whilst it’s easy to be critical and to judge yourself harshly on your past. The lotus reminds us that you need to remain connected to your roots. Without the past, (whatever that was) you would not be the person that you are today. Like the lotus, you are inextricably tied to the roots of your past, so honour what has gone before. The lotus reminds us to give thanks for the journey, and let go of self-criticism and judgement.


Buddha said ‘life is hard.’ It’s easy to find yourself in the dark and muddy depths where you are unable to see a glimmer of light. However, trust that the light is always there. Remember that, ‘all things come to pass’ just like the lotus. The lotus that has been through so much in order to bloom, you too are capable of overcoming the problems and difficulties. You too can rise up and flower, through your life and your spiritual journey. Always have hope, and always believe in the possibility of new beginnings.


A metaphor for spiritual development

Next time you find that life is overwhelming remember the phrase ‘no mud, no lotus.’  The mud in your life is a platform for self-realisation and transformation. Without it, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn and evolve.

Many cultures see the lotus flower as a metaphor, for spiritual development. The main teaching behind most spiritual traditions is to free yourself from attachment, pain and suffering. Where for the lotus, the mud at the bottom of the pond, is the attachment, pain and suffering. We can relate the journey of the lotus travelling through the water, to our personal journey of spiritual development. In this journey, we travel upwards through the layers of healing, spiritual unfoldment, and realisation. We travel, in order to bloom, fully awakened and at one with the universe. Just as we see the lotus flower beneath the sun.


Different teachings

Each culture has a slightly different interpretation for what the lotus represents. The lotus flower is it is associated with purity, and spiritual awakening in the Buddhist tradition. Buddha himself, is often depicted sitting on a lotus. In fact one of the most powerful of Buddhist mantras is, ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’. This is often translated as ‘praise to the jewel in the lotus’.  The Dalai Lama makes an interesting comment about the lotus flower, he says “the lotus grows forth from mud but is not sullied by the faults of the mud”.  To put this simply, the mud doesn’t damage or blemish the lotus.

If you are wise and aware, it is possible for you to go through life’s lessons without taking ‘the mud’ with you, just as the lotus does. You do not have to be spoilt by what you experience – you can extract the lesson without being tainted by it. If this thought has made you realise you have carried some mud with you, then do the work to wash it off and set yourself free.


How we have used the lotus flower in our designs


Hopefully you can see why we chose a lotus flower as the subject for our blog and also why we wanted to include the lotus flower in our ladies clothing range.

We hope that the lotus flower you are inspired to be like the lotus. Never give up, let your light shine brightly and have faith in your own transformation, growth  and spiritual development.

There is a live video on our Facebook feed from Sunday the 3rd June that shows you a lovely creative visualisation you can try at home that uses the lotus flower.

It is a beautiful way to connect with your heart centre and your soul.

Let us know how you get on and as usual if you have any questions please do email us at [email protected]


Fiona and Gav

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