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How to sync with your soul blog

How to sync with your soul

How do you fancy having your very own, personal spiritual guru on tap 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? A guru available at any hour of the day or night for insightful advice and support? Someone who could help give your life purpose and direction? This blog will teach you 7 ways of how to sync with your soul.


“Hell yeah, sign me up!” I hear you shout; to be fair we’d be in the queue, pen at the ready, right behind you. Wouldn’t that be amazing.

Now before the voice of cynicism beats me to it and has you closing down this tab knowing full well that such a person doesn’t exist – they do – just maybe not in the form you originally thought (or I might have alluded to?).

You see you have within you such a guru and it’s called your soul. Your soul is your in-built navigation system, it is who you are at the deepest level of your being and it is your seat of wisdom and intuition.
How is it possible that we are ignorant of this amazing resource you might well wonder? Well it’s not on the school curriculum or an inherent part of our culture. We’d use it everyday if were taught about it in primary school or at home. But it isn’t, so it’s up to us as individuals to discover it

Your soul is your true self. We like to think that it’s the eternal spark of the universe residing in your heart. Whatever you conceive your soul to be when you’re in alignment with it you are also aligned to your purpose, your passions and a unique sense of connection (both with yourself, the world and the universe in which you live). You will also find that whilst the challenges of life remain just that, a challenge, once connected with your soul you can navigate life with a greater sense of balance and perspective enjoying a more rewarding and conscious existence.


Interested? Good. Here are 7 ideas that you can do to sync with your soul today


1. Do things you love

It sounds simple but you can access your soul through the pleasures, that quite literally, make your heart sing. It’s easy to get so busy that we overlook the pleasures of life but it has to be a balance of work and play. Make the time for hobbies and moments that you love.


2. Step outside of the routine and go for a walk in nature

Whether it’s the woods, the park or the beach nature that restores your energy refreshes the sense and gives you a new perspective – it is a great source of timeout and therefore connection with your soul.


3. Meditation

Arguably the most important tool you have to access the soul and begin the connection within. If we had a pound for everyone who has said to us, ‘I can’t mediate, my mind is far too busy,’ we’d be able to save the Amazon rainforest. Nowadays you have at your disposal a wealth of ways in which you can access meditation. Why not attend a class; you could take up yoga which nearly always ends in a lovely mediation. Or you can have a look on YouTube or you could download an app. We recommend by starting with a ten-minute mediation daily if possible or at least 3 times a week. Remember the more often you establish the habit of meditation the more benefit you will get out of it as well as raising the frequency of your mind, body and spirit.

Our favourite spiritual apps are:

  • Insight Timer (lots of customers have chatted to us about this app when we have been
    on the road with Earthmonk!)
  • Headspace
  • Buddhify
  • Simply Being


4. Read something uplifting and enlightening

Anything will do. It’s all about connection with embracing the unseen aspects of life. Or start listening to podcasts and listening to spiritually uplifting talks and discussions. Anything that exposes you to new insights and ideas works – we love the Ram Dass App.


5. Practice gratitude – it’s good for the soul

Gratitude opens up your heart and helps you to connect with your true self. You could start a gratitude journal noting down three things everyday that you were grateful for. You’re not allowed to repeat the same things – the point is you get into the habit of seeking out the joy each new day has to offer you and in doing so re-programme your mind to seek out the positive.
A good free app for this is Day One Journal.

There are also lots of apps available for positive thinking, affirmations and mantras. You could try Spirit Junkie App, The Kindness App or maybe The Secret.


6. Allow time to be alone with yourself

When do we ever do this? Quiet, alone time. No TV, no mobile, no iPad, no laptop. Just quiet time alone with yourself. Classical music is allowed so is bubble bath.

On a day to day basis your soul has to compete against the constant chatter of your monkey mind and most of the time it’s wrapped beneath the many layers, some brutal, of life’s noise, wounds and distractions. So be patient and allow your skill and confidence to organically grow, with a bit of effort you will soon be able to feel the benefits and enjoy the rewards of being one with your true self.


Let us now how you get on and email us at [email protected] if you would like any advice or have any topics you would like us to cover in our blogs or in our Earthmonk Minute videos.

Fiona and Gavin

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