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how to smudge your home of negative energy blog

How to cleanse negative energy in your home with smudging.

Cleanse any negative energy in your home with smudging.


We have all felt the need to have a good clear out of a messy room and spring clean our home but did you know that you can take this refresh to the next level and energetically cleanse your home? The ancient practice of smudging uses the smoke from lightly burning herbs, such as white sage, to cleanse a space, an object and even yourself of stagnant, negative energy.  Smudging is a remarkably easy and enjoyable thing to do and as Spring bursts into life there is no better time to clear out the energetic junk accumulated over Winter and replace it with positive, fresh, light energy.


If you’d like to try smudging this is what you’ll need (I’ll tell you more details at the end of the blog on where you can buy these things):

  • A smudge stick. White sage is the most popular
  • A ceramic bowl or fireproof dish to collect any debris, some people like to use abalone shells
  • A lighter or a candle


Once you have your smudge stick (we sell some beautiful hand made ones – you can find them in accessories) here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the windows and pull back the curtains to allow the air to flow freely. I turn off the T.V. and leave my phone in another room on silent. I smudge when I am alone at home so I can enjoy it as a ritual, but this is optional.
  • I like to set an intention and ask the universe to join me in my smudging (this is optional). If you’d like to do the same as me you can use whatever words that suit you including a mantra or a prayer but I say something along the lines of this:

“I humbly call on the angelic realms/almighty God/Jesus/Father/ Ascended Masters/Great Spirit (whatever works for you) to join with me to cleanse and purify the energy in my home. May all darkness and negativity be released and may I am my home be filled with the energy of light and love. Amen”

  • Light your smudge stick. Let it flame for 20-30 seconds before its truly alight. Once it is burning extinguish the flames so that it smokes gently just like incense does.
  • Some people hold the smudge stick in their hand and waft the smoke around (using the bowl to catch any debris) but it is also possible to put the smudge stick in the fireproof vessel and direct the smoke with a large feather.
  • It is customary to smudge oneself first before moving on to your surrounding space. Cup your hand and sweep the smoke around you. Start with your head and work down your body all the way to your feet. You might like to say a prayer or mantra as you do this. Maybe something like:

“I release negativity and unwanted energy, I am filled with peace and light.”

  • When you are ready go around the room in a methodical fashion moving in a clockwise direction. Include all the corners going from top to bottom (or bottom to top). You can waft the smoke underneath desks and tables, behind doors and sideboards, over and around objects in the room including the sofa and plants.
  • Pay attention to anywhere you feel might be a hotspot for negative energy to have collected. Maybe there is a certain seat someone sits in who is angry, depressed or negative? Maybe there is a certain place where a falling out occurred or cross words were exchanged?
  • Watch and pay attention to the patterns and shapes of the smoke. You might notice interesting things as you move around the room. You can also repeat a prayer or mantra. Maybe something like:

“I cleanse my home or negativity and heaviness, I call on the power of love, light and compassion to fill my home.”

  • You can smudge one room or move slowly and go through every room in the house at your own pace.
  • Some like to leave the smudge stick to smoulder rather than be extinguished but obviously that can pose a fire risk if left unattended. I prefer to just gently dab it out (however in really thick sage bundles the flame can still smoulder inside) so do be mindful it is properly out. Don’t use water to extinguish it if you wish to use the stick again. Traditionally the ash from the smudging (which also has energetic residue) is given back to the earth and deposited outside.


For hundreds of years many religions, cultures and indigenous tribes from around the world have used smoking herbs, sacred fires and incense as tools to purify and cleanse. Some might argue that the rise in popularity for smudging is hocus pocus! However they’d be entirely wrong as scientific studies have shown that smudging with white sage reduces over 94% of harmful airborne bacteria as well as releasing negative ions. Research also found that the smoke’s ability to purify and disinfect the air latest up to twenty-four hours and many of the pathogenic bacteria had not returned to the same room, even after 30 days!


I cleanse the house when I feel it needs it. I will do the bedroom if its occupant has been a moody, grumpy teenager who has exploded in anger or is in despair. I have smudged my bedroom after a nightmare to sweep in new energy. I have smudged the house on a more regular basis in times of conflict, difficulties and darkness such as death, divorce, illness and stress.  It’s a great thing to do if you are feeling low and out of sorts and of course you can smudge if you have had any unwanted guests! You can incorporate it in as a weekly, monthly or annual ritual.


You can buy smudging sticks very easily online from herbal shops, holistic shops, some health food shops and of course Amazon and Etsy. You can also buy smudging kits which contain the smudge stick, shell and a feather.


My young daughter and I buy an 8 inch white sage, smudge stick. We then cut the binding thread and very gently separate out the long, delicate dried sage sticks. We then make new smaller smudge sticks adding in home grown rose petals, chamomile and stalks of lavender that we have picked and dried. You can also add in a multitude of plants and herbs from your garden such as thyme, rosemary and lemon balm. When you have arranged them together you simply bind them all together with cotton string. It’s a wonderful afternoon craft and produces a very beautiful smudge stick to enjoy using.


There is no right or wrong way to smudge your home. Allow your intuition to guide you. It can be a very practical activity or you can imbibe it with symbolism and meaning to become a beautiful ritual. Either way it will work its timeless magic. Next time I will do a blog going into more detail on how you can smudge yourself in a beautiful self care ritual.


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