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spiritual self care for your soul

Spiritual self-care for your soul

Want to feel happier, stronger and more centred?  Then try these spiritual self-care tips today!

So much is said about caring for the mind and body and yet so little is said about looking after your soul. Yet even the simplest of spiritual self-care practices can have a profound effect. Did you know it can help you will feel calmer and happier? That it can enhance your clarity and insight as well as profoundly deepen your relationship with self not to mention help you feel aligned and at one with the universe?

Sounds rather magical doesn’t it! Well it’s easier than you might think.  Here are 6 of my favourite ways, that are all simple but highly effective, that you can try out that will promote that wonderful sense of connection within you and the universe in which you live.


1.  Remember

Remember that beneath the dense physical layer that you can see and touch you are a timeless being, ‘a child of the universe.’ When you remember this truth you instantly connect with your soul and the universe. This simple act can put things into perspective and reframe a moment, an event, even a day! Turn everyday acts into an opportunity for remembering who you really are. As you clean your teeth, put the kettle on or load the washing machine, shower or even sit on the loo remember your soul and imagine it lighting up your heart like a beacon. Work your soul like its a muscle bringing it out into everyday life through a smile, a kind word, a thoughtful touch. Even listening to another deeply and fully with compassion is a spiritual act in itself. Practise being none judgemental and tolerant. Seek opportunities to put more love into the world so that you are a vessel of love and compassion. Use all your interactions with others to connect with who you really are as authentically and genuinely as possible and be the best, most powerful version of yourself that you can. All of this will help you to feel connected to your soul and the universe and as Rumi said you will “be the light.”


2.  Get out of bed on the right side.

How your morning begins can have a huge impact on your day so start your day with a morning practise that puts you in a great mindset with a boost of wonderful connection? You might like to try doing all your morning activities as mindfully as possibly paying attention to everything you’re doing and being fully present in that. You might like to shower and as you do so spend a few moments visualising the water washing away any negativity, cleaning and energising you in mind, body and spirit. Maybe you can take five minutes with your morning cuppa to sit in quiet refection and stillness. Another idea is to lie in bed for a few moments before you get out of bed and give thanks to your body. It’s very easy. Starting with your feet you work up through every body part and organ (ankles, calves, legs, etc.,) giving gratitude to that area of your body. If you’re familiar with chakras you could also include them and imagine them spinning in the light of gratitude and love. As you give gratitude for each area of the body imagining it lighting up like a light bulb until by the time you’re finished your whole body is suffused in light. Do whatever works of you but five minutes spent making that connection will leave you feeling great and bit by bit bring you back into a great sense of connection.


3.  Journaling

A friend said to us yesterday that she “had journaled her way back to herself.” What a lovely expression! Through her writing she had been able to reconnect with herself and this could work for you too in just the same way. By putting your thoughts to paper you can explore ideas and concepts, set goals and aspirations as well as explore and express your thoughts and feeling on the things that have and are shaping your life. It’s a great way to clarify things, get a perspective and to vent. You don’t have to write everyday if you don’t feel inclined! It’s not supposed to be a chore but once you begin this type of work many find it becomes an important part of their life. Writing is also a wonderful way in which the universe can connect with us and you might also be amazed by the inspiration that comes through you as you put pen to paper!


4.  Breathe

Your breath has a profound and direct connection to your body and spirt. It also improves your mind and body function as well as lowering blood pressure, promoting feelings of calm and relaxation and help you de-stress. It has been used for thousands of years in ancient practises to promote spiritual connectivity and awareness as well as mindfulness. There are lots of different types of breath work to try. Sama Vritti or ‘Equal Breathing,’ which is great before sleeping, is a counting method. Simply close your mouth and breath in for the count of four, hold for the count of four and exhale (through your nose for the count of 4). Nadi Shodhana or ‘Alternate Nostril Breathing’ is said to ‘clear the channels’ as it awakens and livens up the system (so don’t do it before bedtime!). You sit comfortably and hold the right thumb over the right nostril as you inhale deeply through the left nostril. At the peak of inhalation, close off the left nostril with the ring finger, then exhale through the right nostril. Continue the pattern, inhaling through the right nostril, closing it off with the right thumb, and exhaling through the left nostril. If both of those sound a bit too much then just stand or sit and closing your mouth focus your present awareness of the flow of air in and out of your nostrils and the rise, give your mind the job of noticing the rise and fall of your chest as you inhale and exhale.


5.  Your happy place

What makes you truly happy? What do you love doing so much that you lose yourself when you do it? For some this might be surfing for someone else sketching or enjoying a coffee with a friend. whatever it is that nourishes your soul and makes you feel alive then build time into your busy schedule to do it. Spiritual self care isn’t just about being very spiritual its about finding your joy and happiness so that your soul shines and you feel great.


6.   Meditate

And last but by no means least – meditate! One of the most powerful ways to centre and connect with your soul and the universe is to meditate. If you’ve fallen out of practice then use this as a reminder to get back into the meditation zone. If you’re new to meditation then there are many app’s that can help and guide you as well as lots of online tools and videos. Insight Timer, Headspace and Calm are very good apps to try out. What will also help your practice is to pick a time that works for you and to stick to this time every day so that it becomes a natural part of your daily routine. Remember you can start meditating with just five minutes and gently build up to a longer session. Meditating on a regular basis (little and often is better than long intermittent sessions) anchors your soul connection, calms the body and stills the mind. There are numerous studies that all prove it’s benefits for improving your health and well being in mind, body and spirit.


So there you have it six of my favourite practises to boost spiritual self care that you can incorporate into your everyday life. I hope it inspires you to put yourself first and help you to feel happier, brighter, more spiritually alive and at one with the universe!  Do stay tuned as I hope to release some eBooks and courses in the forthcoming months all designed to help you live a more happy and fulfilled spiritual life. You can also to my monthly newsletter in which I share more spiritual insight as well as unique offers on my clothing with soul. You might also like to join my beautiful community of Facebook friends @earthmonkclothing.



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