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Using power words to feel calm and centred.

Power Words – staying calm & centred

How do you fancy having a trick up your sleeve that you could use anytime, anywhere to help you stay calm and centred?


Well, let us introduce to you power words.

Power words, as the name suggests are words that pack a punch. Words like peace, love, harmony, forgiveness, compassion, courage and hope are all great power words and you can use them to reverse the consequences of an unwanted thought, reaction or feeling.

So the next time someone or something occurs and you feel angry, annoyed, frustrated, irritated, sad, fearful etc., simply think of the power word that counteracts what you’re feeling.  For example, if you have flashed with anger your power word could be peace.  For irritation, you could use calm.

All you need to do is to think about your power word and hold it at the forefront of your mind – allowing all other thoughts to subside.  If it helps you can visualise the word in large neon letters, you can even focus on the energy, feelings and sensations that the word produces.  You could repeat the power word in your mind like a mantra or affirmation, or maybe write the word down – it’s whatever enables you to really connect with your power word as well as its energy and intention. Imagine the energy of your power word flooding through your body neutralising the previous negativity and acting as a soothing balm.

Another powerful way to work with your power word is to ask yourself the question “what’s it LIKE TO BE peaceful/calm/love” (inserting your power word at the end). When you ask yourself this question you unlock the full creative potential of your unconscious mind – you become one with the frequency and energy of your power word.

Power words have an immediate and positive effect on your entire system, they work on your mind, body and spirit.  Feel free to find the power words that work the best for you (there are hundreds to pick from) as well as experimenting with which technique works best for you. What’s important here is the intention – where thought goes energy flows and this exercise allows you to take full responsibility in realigning your energy. As with anything that we do practice makes perfect and the more you explore this tool the quicker and easier it will be.


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