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8 psychic protection techniques for empaths

Psychic protection for empaths

8 powerful psychic protection techniques for empaths

Being an empath or a highly sensitive person is an incredibly powerful gift. Often the most genuine, heart centred and trusting of people they tend to be the artists, writers, healers, mediums, musicians, dreamers and creatives that this world so desperately needs.


As an empath picking up other people’s thoughts, feelings, moods and emotions is second nature. You can read the energy of a room at a glance noticing every gesture, facial expression and sigh. It’s a super power! But all super powers need to be protected or they can become a burden as feeling and sensing everything to this extent can leave you exhausted and overwhelmed.


How much easier would your life as an empath be if you could create a strong, energetic boundary between you and the outside world? If you could block intrusive and unwanted external influences so that your inner realm was calm, clear and under your control? Well it’s all possible using psychic protection.


Psychic protection enables you to create an energetic barrier around your being that stops other peoples thoughts, emotions and energy impinging and pulling on you. It prevents unwanted energetic exchanges taking place as you go about your day. It keeps you energetically safe, protecting your inner and outer realms mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It stops your energy leaking and creates a defensive screen within which you can stay in control of your energy and live a more centred, balanced and energised life.


Here then are 8 ways that you can protect yourself as an empath.


1. Pay attention

As an empath you will be constantly bombarded with information, signs and signals but are you noticing them or just experiencing them? There is a difference. Be aware how people, clients, colleagues and spaces affect you. Start keeping a list of your thoughts and experiences, it’s likely you will discover patterns or trends appearing – it might show you that certain personality types trouble you more than others.


Who gives you a headache or drains you? Who gets into your head? Who makes you laugh and leaves you feeling upbeat and energised? Which colleague is great to work with? Pay attention so that you can take action and act accordingly. If you do identify someone who negatively impacts you then maybe you can limit your contact time with them? Maybe you can avoid contact with the person completely, or maybe you just need to always use the psychic protection techniques listed below.


2. Close off your energy

If you are with someone who depletes, drains or overwhelms you then close down your energy circuit and prevent any energy exchanges taking place. Simply cross or fold your arms in front of your tummy (this shuts off your solar plexus – an important centre of intuition).  Done casually with a smile on your face no one will guess what you’re doing!


3. The Cloak of Protection

Creative visualisations are the most powerful tools in psychic protection. Where thought goes energy flows and when you use visualisation exercises you are harnessing the power of intention in mind, body and spirit. You are also setting your intention with the universe. Before you begin your creative visualisation you might like to close your eyes, breathe gently and allow yourself to find an inner point of peace.


Imagine pulling on a full-length cloak complete with hood. It is a cloak of powerful protection, the outside is a dark navy material but the inside lining can be multicoloured, your favourite colour, or even decorated with magic symbols. Feel the weight of the cloak as it falls from your shoulders and imagine the feeling of the fabric brushing your face. Your cloak provides a protective barrier between you and the outside world, no external energies can touch you, feel how safe this makes you feel. Maybe you can feel the power of a force field pulsing through your cloak.


This is a wonderful creative visualisation to use anywhere, anytime. You can even incorporate it into your daily routine slipping on your cloak of protection as step out of your front door.


4. Invoke your spirit animal

Spirit animals have been part of the shamanic traditions for thousands of years. Each animal is associated with different energies and specific qualities. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Dragon
  • Tiger
  • Jaguar
  • Black panther
  • Wolf

Calling in a spirit animal is a very powerful practice.  You can begin by closing your eyes, breathing gently and stilling yourself. Set your intention asking for your chosen spirit animal to come forward to protect you.

Wait for your spirit animal to reveal itself. Enjoy observing every detail you can, their eyes, colouring and patterning, shape and size, how it moves, even how it breathes and what you can smell. Feel its presence, notice the unique energy and power of your spirit animal. Observe and respond to its interaction with you, feel its protective presence as it circles you and your energy field. Notice how you feel as it works its protective energies around you. Let your spirit animal know the gratitude you feel for it and know that you can call on it whenever you are in need.

When you get familiar with you spirit animal you won’t need to close your eyes to call them in and feel or see their presence. I have sat in meetings with my black panther lying across my feet and if I am nervous he walks alongside me.


5. Crystals for psychic protection

For thousands of years crystals have been revered for their healing properties. Whether worn as jewellery, carried around in a pocket or placed on your coffee table or on your desk here ae some you can use for psychic protection:

  • Fluorite (psychic shield)
  • Jet (heals leaks in the aura)
  • Labradorite (useful when travelling)
  • Black Tourmaline (psychic shield and neutralises destructive energies)
  • Hematite (transforms negative energies)
  • Black obsidian (shields you from negativity)
  • Malachite (strengthens the aura)

Remember to cleanse your crystals regularly in a bowl of salt or brown rice, hard crystals can be washed in water. They can also be left in the moonlight to cleanse and recharge.


6. Flower Essences fo psychic protection

Flower essences have been created to harness the unique vibration of plants, flowers, bushes and trees. The essences below have been created to provide psychic protection. When you use the sprays you might like to make a little ritual out of it. Pause, breathe, centre and connect and ask the universe to join you to help you cleanse your energy and the energy of the space in question. They are a pleasant fragrances so you can use the sprays at work and no one will know that are are for psychic protection:

  • Sacred Energy Shielding Mist from Findhorn Flower Essences
  • Psychic Protection Protecting Room Mist from Findhorn Flower Essences
  • Calling in Angels Spray Mist by Alaskan Essences
  • Guardian Sacred Space Spray by Alaskan Essences

You can also get drops that go under your tongue:

  • Psychic Protection drops from Findhorn Flower Essences
  • Fringed Violet psychic protection by Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Auric Protection Essence by Crystal Herbs
  • Wild Sage Essence by The South African Flower and Gem Essences


7. Smudging

Used by indigenous communities worldwide smudging is the practice that uses smoking herbs to purify and cleanse. Clinical research now supports the effectiveness of this practice revealing that smudging reduces airborne viruses, microbes and bacteria. Great for auric health as well as seasonal bugs!

You can smudge using a smudge stick made of herbs and flowers (you can find our hand made ones in accessories). You simply light the smudge stick, blow out the flames and waft the smoke over and around your entire body and head (catching any debris with an abalone shell or fire proof dish). You can open a window so that the energies being released can be cleared out. I like to pause, breathe and set an intention before I start smudging. I like to include a prayer in which I ask the universe and my guardian angels to join me so that the process becomes a beautiful ritual. I have written a blog that goes into greater detail on how to smudge


8. Grounding and earthing

Nature’s energy is a wholesome tonic to your mind, body and spirit. Next time you are in the natural world set the intention to welcome in (with gratitude) the restorative and replenishing energy of mother nature. Imagine her beautiful energies flooding through your feet up into your body into every cell and fibre of your mind, body and spirit transmuting your stress and negativity.


Earthing, also known as grounding, is connecting to the Earth’s healing energy. You can ground by walking barefoot in the natural world, sitting up against a tree even kneeling down and weeding. Grounding stabilises cortisol, reducing stress and anxiety. It plays a major role in protecting your aura as the Earth’s energy vibrates at a frequency that is very stabilising and harmonising to your body and its energy field.


As an empath it is easy to feel overwhelmed with everything you are sensing and tuning into. It can feel like your life isn’t your own. It’s so important for your well-being to get proactive in dealing with the sensory overload and excessive stimulation you innately have to deal with.

Of course a great diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, strong healthy boundaries, good levels of self-worth and a positive mindset all play a part in being able to cope with being empathic but the most powerful thing you can turn to is psychic protection. This is how you can protect yourself from external influences as well as feel a sense of control and power.

There are no rights or wrongs when dealing with the invisible realms it’s all about exploring, testing and trying these things for yourself to discover what works for you.

I am just pulling together a downloadable pdf book that will be a comprehensive guide to psychic protection. It should be up soon so do pop back to check it out!

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