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psychic protection

Psychic protection for empaths

8 powerful psychic protection techniques for empaths and highly sensitive people.

Psychic protection is a powerful tool for empaths and highly sensitive people. It can be used to block external influences and minimise sensory overload. As well as handing you the skills to keep your inner realm calm, clear and under your control.

Being an empath or a highly sensitive person is an incredibly gift. Your heightened empathy means you connect deeply with others, making you an incredibly supportive friend and effective communicator. Your sensitivity and intuition is unparalleled and often your creativity shines through. For many however these gifts can also be a double-edged sword.

Navigating life with super sensory and intuitive powers can be exhausting and overwhelming. It can even feel that life is not your own. Psychic protection enables you to change this by giving you the skills to take full control of your life experiences.

Here are my top eight suggestions on how you could use psychic protection to work with your super empathic powers in a more constructive and controlled way:


1. Pay attention

Empaths are constantly bombarded with energetic information. The question is are you noticing what this energetic information is telling you? Start paying attention to what you are picking up. Notice how people, clients, colleagues and spaces affect you, you can even start to note this down. Keeping a list of your thoughts and experiences might reveal patterns and give you valuable feedback.

Note down who gives you a headache, leaves you drained or gets stuck in your head. In contrast whose company is uplifting and bright? Which colleagues are great to work who are challenging to be around? Knowledge is power! If you can see who affects and how you can take appropriate action to support yourself.


2. Close off your body’s energy circuit

If you are with someone who drains or overwhelms you then close down your energy circuit. This prevents any energy exchanges taking place. You can do this by crossing or folding your arms in front of your tummy.  This shuts off your solar plexus – an important centre of energetic signals. Done casually with a smile no one will guess what you’re doing!


3. The Cloak of Protection

Creative visualisations are powerful tools in psychic protection. Where thought goes energy flows and visualisation exercises harness the power of intention both within you and with the universe.

Next time you need to protect your energy imagine pulling on a full-length cloak complete with hood. Picture the outside being darkest blue, the inside can be whatever you fancy. The inside lining can be multicoloured, your favourite colour, or even decorated with magic symbols. Notice the weight of the cloak as it falls from your shoulders and edge of the hood brushing your face. Your cloak provides a magical barrier between you and the outside world. No external energies can pass through it. Sense the power flowing through your cloak and how protected you feel.

This is a wonderful creative visualisation to use anywhere, anytime. You can even incorporate it into your daily routine pulling on your cloak as you leave your house.

4. Invoke your spirit animal

Spirit animals have been part of the shamanic traditions for thousands of years. Each animal is associated with different energies and specific qualities. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Dragon
  • Tiger
  • Jaguar
  • Black panther
  • Wolf

Calling in a spirit animal is a very powerful practice.  You can begin by closing your eyes, breathing gently and stilling yourself. Set your intention asking for your chosen spirit animal to come forward to protect you.

Wait for your spirit animal to reveal itself. Enjoy observing every detail you can, their eyes, colouring and patterning, shape and size, how it moves, even how it breathes and what you can smell. Feel its presence, notice the unique energy and power of your spirit animal. Observe and respond to its interaction with you, feel its protective presence as it circles you and your energy field. Notice how you feel as it builds protective energies around you. Additionally you might like to express your gratitude to your spirit animal when they are done.

As you become more familiar with your spirit animal, you won’t need to close your eyes to call them in; you’ll effortlessly feel or sense their presence. I have sat in meetings with my black panther lying across my feet and if I am nervous he walks alongside me.


5. Crystals for psychic protection

For thousands of years crystals have been revered for their healing properties. The following crystals all offer various energetic protection. They can be worn, carried or or placed on your coffee table or desk:

  • Fluorite (psychic shield)
  • Jet (heals leaks in the aura)
  • Labradorite (useful when travelling)
  • Black Tourmaline (psychic shield and neutralises destructive energies)
  • Hematite (transforms negative energies)
  • Black obsidian (shields you from negativity)
  • Malachite (strengthens the aura)

Remember to cleanse your crystals regularly in a bowl of salt or brown rice, hard crystals can be washed in water. They can be left in the moonlight to cleanse and recharge.

6. Flower Essences fo psychic protection

Flower essences have been created to harness the unique vibration of plants, flowers, bushes and trees. The following essences have been created to provide psychic protection. When you use the sprays you might like to make a little ritual out of it. Pause, breathe, centre and connect and set your intention remembering that you can ask the universe to help you:

  • Sacred Energy Shielding Mist from Findhorn Flower Essences
  • Psychic Protection Protecting Room Mist from Findhorn Flower Essences
  • Calling in Angels Spray Mist by Alaskan Essences
  • Guardian Sacred Space Spray by Alaskan Essences

You can also get drops that go under your tongue:

  • Psychic Protection drops from Findhorn Flower Essences
  • Fringed Violet psychic protection by Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Auric Protection Essence by Crystal Herbs
  • Wild Sage Essence by The South African Flower and Gem Essences


7. Smudging

Used by indigenous communities worldwide smudging is the practice that uses smoking herbs to purify and cleanse. Clinical research now supports the effectiveness of this practice revealing that smudging reduces airborne viruses, microbes and bacteria. Great for auric health as well as seasonal bugs! You can buy smudge sticks on line – here is the link to my hand made ones

Before you begin you might like to pause, breathe and set your intention. Including a prayer asking the universe or your guardian angels to join you turns the process into a beautiful ritual. Next light the smudge stick, blow out the flames and waft the smoke over and around your body and head. Use an abalone shell or fire proof dish to catch any ash or debris. I have written a blog that goes into greater detail on how to smudge your house


8. Grounding and earthing

Nature’s energy is a wholesome tonic to the mind, body and spirit. Next time you are in the natural world ask (with gratitude) for Mother Nature to heal you. Imagine her beautiful energies flooding up through your feet into your body. Picture this energy flowing into every cell and fibre of your mind, body and spirit transmuting your stress and negativity. Connecting to the Earth’s healing energy, commonly referred to as grounding or earthing, offers numerous benefits.

Additionally, you can ground yourself by walking barefoot in the natural world. Sitting up against a tree, placing your feet on grass and gardening all work as well. Doing this not only reduces stress but also energises and replenishes your spiritual body. Furthermore, the frequency of Earth’s energy stabilises and harmonises your body to its natural rhythm.



Psychic protection is crucial for empaths as it provides a powerful tool to shield themselves from external influences, manage sensory overload, and regain a sense of control and empowerment. It complements other practices like a healthy lifestyle, meditation, and setting boundaries, offering a comprehensive approach to navigating the challenges that come with heightened sensitivity.

Learning to work with psychic protection is personal. It’s about testing, and trying different methods to discover what works best for you. You can find more tips and ideas in my other psychic protection blog:

I am just writing an Ebook that will be a comprehensive guide to psychic protection. It should be up soon so do pop back to check it out. If you enjoyed reading this post then do subscribe to our monthly newsletter in which we share more spiritual insight. You might also like to join our wonderful Facebook community at


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