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5 life changing spiritual beliefs blog

5 spiritual mindsets that are life changing

When the going gets tough and life is challenging your mindset is everything.

Life is truly wonderful, it really is. However, that doesn’t mean its always plain sailing, because let’s be honest, it isn’t. However, your mindset totally dictates how bumpy life’s journey is and how much you suffer when difficulties arise; which they surely will. With this in mind (yes – pun intended!) we thought we’d share with you 5 spiritual mindsets that can have a radically powerful effect on your life the moment you start thinking this way.


Here they are:

1. Accept & Surrender

The Buddha had it right when he said that life was sometimes hard. But when the going gets tough we don’t exactly help ourselves.  Instead of rolling with the hard times we say ‘that’s so unfair,’ ‘why me,’ even phrases like, “I’m not having that!’  Yet the old adage, ‘what you resist persists,’ couldn’t be truer.  When you rail and resist life events all you do is perpetuate your own stress and unhappiness.

The trick to handling the lows of life is to embrace the mindset of acceptance and surrender. As soon as start saying, ‘okay this is happening and whilst I don’t like it/wouldn’t have chosen it, I’m rolling with it,’ you shift your energy.  You remove yourself from an energetic stalemate, you liberate yourself from the mental and emotional turmoil.  You harness your energy and drop into flow with the universe from where there will always be greater clarity, peace and perspective.

To accept and surrender does not mean you should adopt an attitude of passivity in the face of adversity or you that you shouldn’t take yourself out of harm’s way.  It means seeing things for how they truly are; without judgement.


2. Replace ‘why?’ with ‘What can I learn?’

Another great reframe which is incredibly powerful is to replace ‘why,’ with ‘what can I learn,’ or ‘what is this teaching me?’  This works not only by removing any trace of victim mentality but also puts you in a positive and open mindset where you’re not getting in your own way.  Life is about evolving and growing and this powerful short question flips you into the best possible state of mind.


3. Everything happens for a reason

I don’t know about you but believing (or understanding) that everything happens for a reason is like life being enveloped by a cosmic, comfort blanket. Rather than life’s challenges and heartache being just a two dimensional, earth-based experience believing that everything happens for a reason means you accept that there’s a greater and more profound hand at play.  That no matter how good or bad life gets that the universe is working its magic and the rich tapestry of life is perfect just how it is (even when it’s hard and difficult). It means you believe you are not alone, that life has a greater purpose and that everything you experience is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to.


4. All is one

It’s estimated that there are 37.2 trillion cells in the human body and what epigenetics and quantum physics are finally catching up with the ancient spiritual belief that we all energy. We are all interconnect in a vast sea of universal energy – in this context all is one. The life force that vibrates within you vibrates within every living creature, every human being.  You can look around this world with connection and compassion. Love can replace judgment, prejudice and animosity.


5. You create your reality

Everything that you think, believe, experience and perceive is done through the prism of your own mind.
Your ‘values’ and ‘judgment system’ all dictate how you interpret everything that happens, for better or for worse. Basically you create your reality. This is a life changing realisation.

Knowing and understanding this means that you can embrace personal responsibility for your life.  Whilst this might be frightening or daunting it is also empowering and liberating.  Only when you ‘own it’ you can ‘change it.’  If your reality is in your hands endless new choices open up!  What reality do you want to create? What is working for you and what isn’t?  When you begin pondering such issues you are truly taking ownership of your life (and don’t forget the wealth of resources in books, podcasts, videos and workshops that are available to help you make those changes.)


So there you have it.  5 spiritual mind sets that can radically change your experience of life.  Whether you know these already and this email is a timely reminder or if they are new concepts to you remember that there are no rules and regs on the path of life.  Every day you are doing the best that you can, it’s just that tucking these beliefs into your tool box can make all the difference.  So be kind to yourself and work with what resonates for you.  Wherever you are upon your spiritual journey we hope that our thoughts inspire and motivate you.

Any questions do drop us an email at [email protected] and remember we always love to know how you get on.

Fiona and Gavin

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