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Words of wisdom

What advice would you give to your younger self?  This was the question that Earthmonk asked its’ Facebook community.  The replies were brilliant.

So diverse and interesting were the comments that we sat in bed reading through each and every one.  The comments were more than just relevant to ones younger self – the replies were timeless – they were ‘words of wisdom.’  We felt compelled to do something with them.  So very quickly the idea of a free, downloadable pdf came about.  This meant we had to go back and ask those that had commented if they would give us permission to use their comment. We then decide to re-post the question with the invitation that the replies would be compiled into a free pdf.


So here it is!  Simply click the link below and see for yourself the encouraging, inspiration and profound comments that we have compiled into this e-book.


Click here to download


Earthmonk began life four years ago with a dream. The dream to design unique, spiritual garments that blended timeless wisdom and spiritual philosophy with beautiful graphics.  We wanted to use clothes as a vehicle to share messages of inspiration and spiritual enlightenment.  Everyone told us that we simply, “had” to be on social media. And this made complete sense.  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter would be the perfect platforms to share inspiring messages and spiritual wisdom, and of course a great way to promote our business.


For months, probably the first three years, interaction was from our stalwart friends liking and commenting on our posts.  A stranger responding to a post was cause for much celebration. But as they say, persistence pays.  We slogged on, even when it felt like it was pointless.  And finally in 2019 the tide began to shift and our Facebook page began to grow.  Today we have a Facebook community of over 56,000 followers.  Some posts have been liked a staggering 56,000 times and this week stats say that Earthmonk has reached 4,122, 266 people, which is quite frankly mind blowing.


We would like to extend our thanks to our wonderful Facebook community, who take the time most, if not every day, to comment and share their thoughts and wisdom.  Time and again they show their compassion and friendship in supporting and encouraging each other, the camaraderie is heart warming.  And it is thanks to them that this e-book has come into being.  We hope those who are in the e-book love what they see and how our clever daughter has packaged it all up.  Apologies to anyone whose comment did not make the final cut – we hope to include you next time as we would love to create more e-books focusing on issues such as healing, self discovery and the spiritual journey.


For now we hope that you love this e-book and find it’s words of wisdom a light of inspiration in challenging and difficult times.




Fiona and Gavin


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