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how do I connect with my spirit guides

Connect with your spirit guides

Learn how to connect with your spirit guides and discover a wonderful new way to experience life.


Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a team of wise, loving, and divine allies guiding you through every step of your life. Well I believe that’s exactly what you do have, and they are called your spirit guides.

Connecting with your guides is, I believe, life changing. Not only facilitating a deeply personal relationship with the spiritual realm it can also enrich your life in countless, beautiful and life changing ways! Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  1. A deeper sense of peace and well being
  2. Honed intuitive skills
  3. Access to your own and universal inspiration, wisdom and insight
  4. Greater clarity, confidence and creativity
  5. A deeper spiritual connection to the universe and a sense of oneness with all life
  6. Living a life of purpose in greater alignment and authenticity
  7. An easier and more fluid life


Doesn’t that sound amazing! Well it’s all possible and in this blog I’d like to show you how you access all of this and more. Before I to share with you the techniques to build rapport with your guides I think it’s important to give you a little bit of background about them.


Spirit guides

Your spirit guides are benevolent spiritual beings, invisible allies acting as intermediaries between the physical and spirit realms. Operating from the purest vibrations of love, they have your highest interests at heart. They work alongside you to inspire, guide and support you as you navigate life. Have you ever had a flash of inspiration, a whisper of intuition, or felt you’ve received a sign? Have you ever wondered how on earth you got out of something unscathed or even alive? If so, you might have already felt your spirit guides at work!


Guides come in many forms and serve many purposes. Across a lifetime many spirit guides will step forward and work with you. Some might be with you for a short time others might join you for longer stretch of time as you go through a certain experience or phase. There is only one spirit guide however who walks with you from your birth to your death. This guide is called your guardian angel sometimes known as your door or gatekeeper. Your guardian angel offers spiritual protection, guidance, and support throughout your life. They provide comfort during difficult times, offer inspiration, and help you navigate challenges or make important decisions.



I am often asked if you know your guides. The answer is, ‘yes.’ It is possible that on a soul level you might know a few of them. Some will have shared a past life with you, others might even be an ancestor, from your earthly family lineage. Occasionally they are a relative who has passed over and wishes to watch over you. Spirit guides can also come from your own celestial or soul family in heaven however they can also be enlightened masters, light beings and angels and archangels. Additionally there are elemental guides, nature spirits and even animal spirits (called Ancaña). You can see that this is quite a sweeping array of possible helpers.



I often get asked why spirit guides would do this kind of work and especially why they might pick you! Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • Fulfilling a pre-existing soul contract (or agreement) that was put in place before you incarnated into this life
  • They have past life connection with you
  • There might be karmic issues between you both
  • They might be serving mankind to pay off a karmic debt from their past lives
  • They may be drawn to your vibrational frequency, life journey or soul purpose
  • They may feel that they can teach you and or aid your spiritual needs and growth potential
  • Some will feel drawn to respond to your requests, prayers, or meditations for help


Now I have give you a basic overview of the nature, function and role of spirit guides in your life let’s look into the practical side. In the upcoming section, I’ll look at eight ways you can connect with your spirit guides. Not only so that you can tap into their wisdom foster this sacred relationship but also to unlock its transformative potential.

8 tools and techniques that enable you to connect with your spirit guides:

You don’t need any special skills or to have a particular faith to work with your guides. The only prerequisite is an open mind, an open heart and a desire to explore this area with positive, kind intentions. I believe that those who pursue spiritual connections with malicious intent won’t get anywhere. Working with your divine team works on the frequency of love and within your heart. If you come at this experience with good intentions, with heart centred wishes there is no limit to what you can achieve.

1. Ask

Asking for help and guidance is a simple yet crucial starting point. Many of us hesitate to ask for help, and it’s easy to forget to seek assistance from our spirit guides. However, when you do ask, it signals the spirit world and invites your spirit team to support you.

Each time you reach out to your spirit guides, you strengthen your connection with them and integrate their presence into your daily life. The more you do this, the easier communication becomes. I used to worry that asking too often would annoy them, but spirit guides are not human—they won’t get fed up with you.

So ask them all the time, with everything. Ask them to:

  • Be with you through the day
  • Protect you near challenging people
  • Protect you as you drive down the motorway
  • Inspire you or help you solve a problem
  • Help you find something that you have lost
  • Save you a parking space (my kids call this ‘asking the parking angel’ )
  • Bring you the energy, mindset or vibe that you need (be that clarity, compassion, patience, courage, strength etc.,)
  • Protect you at night (further advice on protecting your spiritual energy:

By asking your guides for help, you open the door to communication. The more you ask, the stronger the connection becomes and whislt they don’t need your thanks I always think its great to give it.


2. Quiet time

In order to be able to receive information from your spirit guides you have to open up the space for dialogue. Quiet time is one such way to create the space for this to take place. The most likely time you have every received inspiration, when an idea or solution has just popped into your head is not when you have been frantically busy. It will be when you are conscious brain is coasting in autopilot – driving the car or loading, taking a shower or the dishwasher are all great examples. Inspiration also happens when you are coasting in and out of sleep. It is at these times that the mind drifts rather than being manically busy that we are able to receive whispers of insight from spirit.

Consciously creating quiet time enables you to still the mind, focus inwardly, heighten your awareness, and become more receptive to spiritual energies. This is the ideal opportunity to receive intuition, tune into the guidance of spirit and fostering a deeper connection with them. Meditation and breath work are the most profound tools for crating the space to receive inspiration. However it can also be:

  • Walking in nature
  • Listening to classical music
  • Practising yoga, dance and practices like Qi Gong
  • Creative writing or journalling
  • Arts and crafts
  • Your favourite hobby – even jogging and exercise
  • Mindfulness

Any time where you drop into the moment and lose yourself opens the pathway of communication and communion with your spirit team. Of course remember to ask your guides to join you at such times.

3. Writing

Did you know that creative writing can be a wonderful way to connect with your spirit guides? Whether you’re jotting down your thoughts or penning a poem writing opens up the space for spiritual communication.
Journaling is a great way to communicate with your guides. It allows you to receive and record messages in a tangible form. You might be surprised by the insights and messages that emerge on the page. Begin by setting a peaceful and quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed. You might like to start with a brief meditation or some gentle  breathing to centre yourself. Write down a clear intention or question directed to your spirit guide at the top of the page. Allow your thoughts to flow freely, without overthinking, start writing whatever comes to mind. Trust that your spirit guide may communicate through these spontaneous thoughts and insights. Stay consistent with your practice, making journaling a daily or regular ritual to deepen your connection over time.


4. Meditate

Meditation is a powerful tool for well-being but it is the most important tool for spiritual development. It facilitates a deep connection within and is the centre for communion with your soul and all things spirit. Here is a brief outline on a meditation you can do to open the space to meet your spirit guides (but I hope to add a guided meditation video for you to follow in the near future):
  1. Sit down in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed
  2. Close your eyes and mouth and begin to focus on your breathing. Notice the flow of air in and out of your nostrils, the rise and fall of your chest. Allow your body to relax with each breath, letting go of any tension
  3. Imagine your are in a serene, beautiful place, one that brings you peace and comfort. Maybe a meadow or a beautiful garden.  Visualise your chose place in as much detail as possible, noticing the colours, sights, sounds and fragrances
  4. Silently ask your guides to make their presence known
  5. Be patient and open to any sensations, images, messages and or thoughts that arise
  6. Take your time, allowing the experience to unfold naturally, simply observing what comes to you
  7. Trust that your guides are with you, even if you don’t perceive them immediately
  8. When you feel ready, express gratitude to your spirit guide and slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment
  9. Open your eyes, feeling refreshed and connected

Don’t be discouraged if at first you don’t get much. With practise and perseverance you can do the same. Bit by bit you will be able to sense and perceive your guides more and more both in meditation and around you.



5. Dreams

Dreams can be a powerful way to connect with the spiritual realm. If you would like to explore this method of connection intention is very important. As you prepare for bed, create a calm atmosphere, perhaps with soothing music or dim lighting. Silently or out loud, ask your spirit guide to visit you in your dreams to provide guidance and messages. If there is a particular problem you are facing be specific in what guidance you need.
Keep a journal and pen by your bedside. Then as soon as you wake record any dreams or impressions. If you have asked a specific question also pay attention to your first thought upon waking, this is often your intuitive answer.
Pay attention to recurring symbols, themes, or feelings in your dreams. Reflect on these dream messages regularly, and over time, you may notice patterns or insights that can help guide you in your waking life.



6. Nature

If you’re looking to deepen your connection with your spirit guides, the great outdoors is an ideal place to start. The powerful energy of Mother Nature has a profound effect on the human body. Walking or placing your feet barefoot on the grass or leaning against a tree grounds your energy. Furthermore it clears your mind, and open your heart to receive insight. It’s the ideal environment to connect with elemental guides, nature spirits and animal spirits.
Take a mindful walk in nature, focusing on the sights, sounds, and smells around you. Breathe in the beautiful energies and give yourself permission to relax. A meditative practice like this creates the space for your guides to send their loving insights and guidance. The cycles and beauty of nature can mirror your own spiritual journey, offering profound lessons and insights. By immersing yourself in nature, you shift your energy and open yourself up to the subtle influences and impressions of spirit.  So, step outside, breathe deeply, and let the natural world open the door to your spiritual connection.
Do not forget that nature is ever present even when you’re going about your busy life. Remember to look up and around during the day and notice the natural world around you.  A butterfly, a white feather, even an animal crossing your path can all carry symbolism and meaning.

7. Signs and Synchronicities

Spirit guides love to communicate through signs and synchronicities. These could be:

  • Repeated numbers such as 111, 222, or 333
  • Finding coins, especially in unusual places
  • Encountering butterflies, robins, rainbows or white feathers, particularly in unexpected moments
  • Hearing a specific song or lyric that seems to address your current situation
  • Coming across a book or passage that answers a question or offers guidance
  • Flickering lights or other electrical disturbances
  • Experiencing sudden chills or warmth
  • A strong sense of being touched or someone being close by
  • Fragrance and smells such as cigar smoke or a a certain perfume

Pay attention and stay observant to the signs around you noticing any recurring messages or themes. Make sure keep an open mind and heart as nudges from the universe are subtle and easily overlooked. When you notice a sign, take a moment to reflect on its meaning and how it resonates with your life. Think about what message you can take away from it.



8. A sacred space within your home

Creating a sacred sit spot in your home is a beautiful way to connect with your spirit guides. This can be an altar you sit in front of, the corner of the room or just a meditation chair. You can decorate the space with flowers, crystals and calming scents as well as meaningful objects such as a statues, photos or artwork. Use this space for practices such as meditation, prayer, uplifting reading and journaling.

Over time your mind, body and spirit will automatically associate this space with your spiritual practice. You will be able to settle and still yourself with greater ease. Furthermore, with regular use spiritual energy builds in and around your chosen spot which in turn helps enhance your ability to enter a meditative/reflective state, where you can open your heart, and listen deeply.

From time to time do remember to cleanse your sacred space. You can find out how to do by clicking this link 


Cultivating a relationship with your spirit guide is one of the most profound and life changing things you can do. As well as helping you to live a happier and more authentic life it adds a depth and a quality to life that is almost indescribable. All it requires is a little practice and some patience.  I firmly believe that anyone with good intentions, who wants to, can learn to connect with their spirit guides. By integrating any combination of the eight practices shared here into your daily life, on a regular basis you can do it too!

I hope that the information, ideas and suggestions here are the spring board for you developing your connection with those spirit guides that walk with you. If you enjoyed the blog then did stay tuned as I hope to release some eBooks and courses in the forthcoming months. You can also to my monthly newsletter in which I share more spiritual insight as well as unique offers on my clothing with soul. You might also like to join my beautiful community of Facebook friends @earthmonkclothing.

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