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Unconditional love with a couple holding hands with a heart

Love unconditionally in 5 simple ways

Unconditional love is about tapping into the vast well of compassion, tenderness and love that your heart is capable of giving.


It is a journey of self-love and forgiveness that helps you heal and grow as well as enabling your relationships to grow and flourish. Unconditional love is also about loving without expectation, rules and conditions.

Many people think that “unconditional” means putting up with poor behaviour. This is incorrect. Unconditional love is patient and kind, tolerant and non-judgmental, it is absolutely not selfish, manipulative or hurtful and it most certainly doesn’t require you to be a doormat to be trampled on.

If this sounds like something you might like to work on then here are our 5 top tips on how you can bring more unconditional love into your life.


1. Love with all your heart – heal your wounds and set healthy boundaries

Love is the essence of you who are, at the core of your spiritual being. But often your conditioning and wounds constrict and close off your heart. Your wounds can compromise your self-worth which in turn means you put up with dysfunctional and unhappy relationships. When you heal your wounds you release your heart. It is free to bloom and grow. Start connecting and listening with your heart, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself the questions you need guidance on. Listen to your instincts, set healthy boundaries and only love those who are worthy.  Only you can be responsible for your heart, it’s your job. If something is not serving you, if it is damaging and unhealthy then it is your job to protect your heart.  Walk away from those who abuse your love.


2. Practice self love – You can’t give what you don’t have

How can you love someone unconditionally if you can’t love yourself?

Loving unconditionally means starting a relationship with yourself and that begins with accepting that you are beautifully imperfect.  We are all a work in progress, we are all doing our best and despite your flaws, you are enough. Let’s say that one again, (you might like to say it aloud) “I am enough.” Self-love is a journey and it can be a long one but every step you take forward in the path of self-love rewards you with riches.  The more you can love yourself the more whole and happy, in the word ‘complete’ you will feel.


3. Be who you are – Authentic and vulnerable

Being human means being imperfect. Vulnerability comes with that. If we talk about real intimacy and authentic love, being vulnerable is a way to achieve it. Strip off all the masks society is making you wear, be who you really are, be real, be the true version of yourself and you will see how beautifully this will impact your life and your loving relationships.


4. Love is meant to be shared

Love is a verb. It is an actionable word, begin to show it, share it, connect with it and freely express it with no expectations in return. Hug someone today! Tell someone you love them! Allow your love to flow through your words, your smile and your warmth.  Be sensible and have appropriate boundaries but start expressing your love! The more love you give the more you will receive.

Try to practice loving mindfulness with those you love.  Be patient and kind, be in the present moment instead of allowing your mind to disturb you with past memories or future concerns.  The more present you can be in the moment the more you have to give in that moment. Listen deeply and compassionately and this will help your loving relationships grow in a healthy manner and most of all will help you learn how to love unconditionally


5.  Love is forgiveness – To yourself and others

Are you being kind to yourself? Have you forgiven yourself? The journey of healing begins with forgiveness, do the work that enables you to forgive yourself and you will be able to sit in ease within your being.  This, in turn, means your love and light will shine brighter.

Have you forgiven those who have hurt you?  Holding onto grudges and resentments is toxic, it’s a weight you carry around. Do the work you need to do to let go of anger, bitterness and resentment. Set yourself free from those who have wounded you. Your love will be brighter and more radiant each layer that you can clear.


So there you have it a few ideas from us on how you can put some deep love in your life.  As usual, feel free to message us if you need any more information or would like to discuss this further.

Any questions do drop us an email at [email protected] and remember we always love to know how you get on.
Fiona and Gavin

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